Mathieu Vouillamoz chiropraticoModule V.: The Sanrocco Method


Evaluation, adjusting, muscle testing, common problems, tricks, IRT, Interlink  etc.

1) Shoulder and shoulder girdle:
a. shoulder muscles
muscle testing and possible reasons for weakness
b. shoulder motion evaluation and treatment
c. shoulder joints and major ligaments (IRT and Interlink)
d. common shoulder problems:
–  frozen shoulder ( adhesive capsulitis )
–  slipped bicipital tendon
–  skin reaction (fascial release, etc.)
e. specific exercises to do at home

2) Elbow: tennis and golfers elbow

3) Wrist, thumb and finger problems

–  pseudo and real carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar problems, rhizarthrosis etc.

4) Hip problems +   pubalgia,  ischialgia and coccydynia.

5) knee problems

6) foot problems


After seminarpiet serupiet seruSanrocco chiropraticaSanrocco

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